Right to Cancel


Right to Cancel

Your right of return an cancellation: 
You are entitlet, without giving any reason, to cancel the contract in writing (by
letter, fax or email) or by returning the goods within 14 days of their receipt.

Contact information: 
Josef Mack GmbH & Co. KG, Bruch 17, 83404 Ainring
Telefon: 08654/77019-0 * Fax: 08654/77019-10
E-Mail: info@mack-natur.de

The cancellation period is deemed to have been observed provided the notice
thereof is sent or the goods shipped within the 14-day period. If the order value
(including VAT but excluding packaging and shipping costs) is more than
€ 40,00, or if you have already paid for the goods, either in full or in part, you can
request from us (including by telephone) a carriage-paid freeway stamp (only
available for carriage within Germany).

If the order value (including VAT but excluding packaging and shipping costs)
is less than € 40,00, or if you have not made any payment, you will have to meet
the regular return costs yourself. Any payments already made will be refunded
in the event of due and proper cancellation. However, if there has been any
deterioration of the goods (for instance through their normal use) we are entitled
to withhold a corresponding amount (unless the deterioration is due to inspection
of the goods of the kind customary in a retail store, for example). You can avoid 
this by not using the goods and refraining from any action that could reduce their

The provisions of this paragraph do not apply if the delivered goods differ from
those ordered or are defective.